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Nutraceutical sales skyrocketed after Covid 19. People start paying attention to their health. There is a great opportunity to participate in this trend.

What if you can earn an extra 20,000 to 30,000 rupees per month by helping your friends, relatives, and neighbours to maintain their health?

What if you can do it only in a few hours a week, from your home?

What if you can start doing it tomorrow, practically for free?

You can earn money by sharing the information about the products through social media, you can get products delivered to your customers, you can carry some products for sale to your neighbors…

The business is very flexible and very profitable! 15% to 35% profit margin depends on the level and form of participation. Our products are food-grade, safe, and highly effective!

Buying one of our products makes you a MEMBER of our team. From this moment you can start referring your friends and get a credit of 15% for any of their purchases.



If you are looking for r online business there are no better opportunities than Nextveda AFFILIATE. You can get paid up to 30% profit on all sales. We will handle shipping and handling, customer service, and all other business issues for you and pay you the highest commission in the industry. Click Here to Register as an Affiliate.

Benefits of Nextveda Affiliate Program

Based on volume, you get commissions

Sell of (1 to 19) ⇉ 20% Commission

Sell of (20 to 49) ⇉ 25% Commission

Sell of (50 & More) ⇉ 30% Commission

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Become a Nextveda Distributor (ND)

If you are a community activist, local Brahmin, insurance agent, Ayurveda doctor, a mom looking for extra money to support your family, or just looking for a new career - the best choice for you is NEXTVEDA DISTRIBUTORSHIP. You can get up to 35% profit and get your inventory on demand. Buy products as much as you need, as often as you need them. To earn additional income as an ND you can refer local retailers, doctors, or anybody who want to become a distributor of Nextveda products. To become an ND you have to make a one-time purchase of 10 units of product. ClickHere to become a Nextveda Distributor.

Benefits of Nextveda Distributor

Based on volume per month, get discounts

Purchase For (Rs. 11,000 & More) ⇉ 20% Discount

Purchase For (Rs. 22,000 & More) ⇉ 25% Discount

Purchase For (Rs. 44,000 & More) ⇉ 30% Discount

Purchase For (Rs. 55,000 & More) ⇉ 35% Discount

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