Reset your health with Nextveda 10 in 60 challenges

  • Welcome to the No GPS Plan 

    A roadmap to help you take control of your weight and improve insulin resistance, leading to a healthier, more energized you! Our simple and effective approach focuses on dietary adjustments, mindful eating, and strategic supplementation.
    Our program is designed to address a key factor in weight gain: insulin resistance. By altering your diet, our aim is to reduce insulin spikes and maintain a low and stable insulin level. This approach helps the body efficiently convert carbohydrates into energy rather than storing them as fat, and limits glucose in the bloodstream.
    The strategy involves adopting a low-carb, high-fat diet combined with intermittent fasting. Our unique dietary plan, "No GPS!" stands for No Grain, No Potatoes, No Sugar. It emphasizes the elimination of all vegetable oils, while allowing moderate consumption of other foods Do not worry about hunger - moderate amount of food will happened naturally.
    Slim Down will carb your appetite in 3 days. Incorporating Ghee (clarified butter) and coconut oil into your diet will compensate for shortage of calories and speed up your weight loss. We suggest to use our supplements. Prime Wellness will help you to balance hormones and raise your energy level. Sweet Harmony will help you to reduce your stress level and replace sugar in your beverages.